Real estate valuers with expertise in the valuation of properties worldwide

FischerWerthPartner is engaged exclusively in the field of real estate valuation and consultancy.

The valuation company was founded by Bernd Fischer-Werth in 1997.

A team of fully qualified valuers, full-time staff and freelancers ensure the prompt and reliable valuation of large and complex properties and portfolios

Our high level of expertise in combination with technical and commercial know-how is the basis for our sustainable and trusting client relationships. Extensive market knowledge from our experience gained from valuation activities in Europe, North and Central America and Asia ensures market conform valuations worldwide.

We place great importance on objectivity and independence, and are not involved in either brokerage or investment business.


What we do:


We value all types of properties. Worldwide. With a focus on investment properties.

We are active in Germany, many countries across Europe, Asia and North and Central America (see the Projects page). A variety of databases ensure we have access to market knowledge and comparable data. We value properties for the following purposes:

  • Purchase and sales
  • Financial accounting (IFRS/IAS)
  • Portfolio analysis
  • Legal disputes
  • Tax
  • Lending



Our clients:



Integrity and independence are the bases for our work; we are always client-focussed.

Our clients include investment management companies (KVGs), open and closed-ended property funds, banks, insurance companies, companies in the industrial, retail and commercial sectors, law firms and accountants, private individuals and the courts.


OLG Frankfurt,
LG Frankfurt,
LG Wiesbaden,
LG Darmstadt u.a.